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The Lees Lures Chapters in this 200 page book breaks down my favorite current system lures into families and in detail.



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Lees Lures shows the various types of baits recommended by Lee

Lees Lures will recommend to you the most likely bait choices to use for each chapter in “Strategies For Bass“. Bass fishing with lures is one of the most exhilarating ways to fish. But as with all types of fishing, you need to arm yourself with crucial tips and tricks to become successful in lure fishing.

Lees Lures the best recommendations for lure choice.
Fishing lures, sometimes known as artificial baits, have been in use since the beginning of fishing time.

Lure fishing is not only a very effective way to quickly and efficiently cover a large area, but it’s also a very exciting way to catch fish! Believe it or not, the satisfaction that you get when you use artificial lures to attract fish and convince them to bite the hook is unique and surreal.

There are many people trying to learn how to fish with lures, and that is great; you’ve come to the right place. Lees Lures shows there are various types of artificial fishing lures that you can choose to use. They include blades and vibes, soft plastics, topwater plugs, metal lures, and hard bodies. Most of these lures are designed to mimic a swimming fish.

Although there are hundreds of artificial fishing lures out there, the art of lure fishing remains relatively the same. Lees Lures, therefore, guides you on how to fish with lures, especially if you’re one of those anglers who do not like touching or the smell of natural bait in your hands.

In other words, the right lure is one that perfectly mimics the look, color, and movement of your target’s natural prey.

However, putting all lures into one category is like combining all fishing rods into another. The Lees Lures Chapters in this 200 page book breaks down my favorite lures into families, and in detail, examines each type of lure. By no means is the Lees Lures list inclusive. There are many lures that can be used with varying degrees of success. The lures in the chapters of “Strategies For Bass”are the lures and techniques that I have had great success.

Lees Lures – Buzzbait

Baby Buzzbait by Lee Bailey JrBaby Buzzbait™ is among the most lethal lures in bass fishing. This becomes especially true when the bass are in heavy cover, matted vegetation and feeding on schooling shad or shiners. However, when bass may not be aggressive, they often will attack a Baby Buzzbait even if it is out of their normal strike zone.

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Lees Lures – Football jigs

Football jigs have a shape like a, guess! Yep, a football. Why a football? This shape is far less likely to “hang up” than are other lead jigs with round or bullet shaped heads.

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